Tooth Fairy Mom Fail

Ashley Scrivner

~~~The Tooth Fairy...a fun tradition that can make us parents go crazy if things don't go just right.
Who has ever forgotten to play the role of tooth fairy? Guilty as charged!
I love making family memories and documenting them for my kids. I have spent countless hours pinning ideas for traditions, crafts, and other things that I think my daughters would love. When I saw all of the amazing things that people do for the tooth fairy, I was so excited. Making glittery money, sprinkling fairy dust by the bed, leaving a cute note...totally fun & creative ideas! I had big plans for the time when my daughter lost his first tooth.
My daughter Reagan was 4 when she got her first loose tooth. A lot of her friends were already losing their teeth. It became an almost daily conversation, "Mom, when am I going to lose a tooth?" When one of her bottom teeth finally started to come loose, she got so excited. She would stare at it in the mirror, wiggle it, pull at it, just hoping for it to come out. After a couple weeks, the stubborn tooth finally relented and came completely out.
She went to bed that night anxiously awaiting to see what the Tooth Fairy would bring her. I told myself, Oh, I don't have time to do the Pinteresty stuff. Like most things that I pin, it went unused. I will just put money under her pillow before I go to bed no big deal. A few hours later, I went to bed exhausted. I was so exhausted that I FORGOT to put the money under her pillow. Epic parent fail!
I woke up the next morning to a devastated little girl. Mom! The Tooth Fairy didn't come! She started to cry. My mind started do I respond?
Excuses began to tumble around in my head:
*She must have heard you waking up and had to leave before you saw her.
*She must have not received the message that you lost your tooth yet.
*I forgot to turn the night light on, so she couldn't see.
*She ran out of Fairy Dust, so she couldn't fly.
But instead, I said, That's crazy! I am sure she came. Let's go look again. I knew that I had a dollar (and by the way to the other tooth fairies that give $10 per tooth, you are setting the bar high) somewhere in my purse, car somewhere. I had to, so I am now in a state of panic but trying not to let it show on my face! My heart is racing because I don't want to let her down. So I grabbed money quickly out of my purse once she wasn't looking. I followed her into her room and started looking through her bed. With the dollar bill already in my palm I pretended to find it between the headboard and the mattress. Whewwwwww.......Triumphant, I showed her the dollar and said, "Here it is! You must have knocked it down here during the night and you didn't see it!"
Catastrophe averted!!
She was so excited and got the biggest smile on her face. I took a picture and documented the memory. Phew! All could think was I hope I don't forget when the next tooth that comes out. Because let's be serious you can only pull that move off so many times before even a four or five year old will get suspicious. Two daughters later, more pinning ideas on my Pinterest boards and I am still forgetting to play the tooth fairy! #momlife#girlmom#momof3
Don't be too hard on yourselves mama's, you don't have to have it all together or perfect! Let me hear one of your stories!