November already?!

Ashley Scrivner

First off let me just say I can't believe its November! 2019 is already almost over! With that being said have you taken a look at your past year? Did you set goals or resolutions? If you did have you accomplished them? 


This year I decided to set goals and while I will not go into all of them, I will say that I am proud of the ones that I have been able to mark off. One of my goals was to develop a better, and more user friendly website. I will tell you that there are people that think its not a job or doesn't look hard, however it is something that takes constant maintenance and attention. There was trial and error and I have some of the most amazing customers! Customers who have supported me and who have had my back through the entire transition! I am so grateful for each and everyone of you! Technology is a blessing and a curse at the same time, as many of us know. While the new and improved website is 100% better there glitches that occur and are out of my control, but just know that when this happens I am working hard to get them resolved in the background, and to keep your shopping experience as effortless as possible! 


Another one of my goals was to create a movement. A movement to show kindness to one another. To be less judgmental of others because you don't know what they are battling daily. Lets face it, we all have something going on, something we are battling. And a kind word or smile can change someones perspective for that entire day, week, month etc. Instead of trying to tear someone down, try lifting them up. Try supporting them. It literally costs NOTHING to be kind! We have to be the change in the world, so the future generations stand a chance, so they know there is more to this world than being judged by the way they look, who they choose to love, the nasty comments that are being made, the stereotypes and perceptions that social media puts out there. So each month I am picking an organization to donate to. This isn't to gain followers or anything like that. This is because it is the right thing to do. So for the month of November all the proceeds from the Be Kind tees are being donated to victims of domestic violence! If you already have a tee but donating to this cause is important to you then send me a message. I want to thank you all for the love and support, and for all of you who have shared this movement, and who are supporting their Be Kind tees loud and proud! Lets continue this movement! #bekind


Much Peace & Love 




Upcoming~ Black Friday special will be announced

December~ I will post an item around Thanksgiving, all the proceeds from that items sale is going to go toward purchasing Christmas gifs for a family (s) in need. I will document this journey, what is purchased etc. If you are a local business and want to donate please contact me. I did this last year where I was able to give several individuals a basket full of goodies (a huge thank you to the businesses that donated and helped make that a success) 

**~~** if you have a specific item you are looking for, as a Christmas gift please let me know!!!!