10+ reasons why 2019 was GREAT

Ashley Scrivner

So I want to start this blog off by thanking each and everyone of you for ALL of the love & support that you have shown me in 2019! All the kind words and love of Peace & Love means more than any of you will truly know! 


So not only has 2019 been a huge challenge it has been so rewarding at the same time. This past year has tested me emotionally, physically and mentally. It has made me second guess myself, feel defeated, overwhelmed. I have felt disconnected and didn't know what to think, not sure what I really wanted at times. Which way I wanted to take my Boutique . But along with all of that it has shown me that there is nothing that can't be achieved with hard work, patience and support, and most importantly staying true to MYSELF. I have learned that it is okay to stop take a breath, refocus and get back at it. I have grown so much this year. 


Sitting here typing this and thinking back it is really wild. 2019 has been a roller coaster ride, that I wouldn't change for a thing. I am really proud of myself and how far I have come. I am thankful and so proud of my 3 daughters what they have achieved and the young ladies that they are becoming. I am thankful to have amazing customers! It is so easy to discount the impact that 365 days can have on a life but when you really slow down, really compare, really dig deeper, really sit and reflect its amazing! You figure out what worked well, what didn't work, and what goals and which direction to go for the upcoming year. 

What I am focusing on is all the good 2019 has brought my way! But at the same time being mindful of what didn't quite work. Setting new goals and trying to crush them. Trying to crush as many as I can is what on my mind for 2020! 

One thing I want to start doing is documenting some things that happen each year whether they are good or bad. So why not start with 2019. 


*Built a new website that is more user friendly 

*Really started focusing on my brand and being unique but still offering a variety of items for everyone

*Met some amazing other small businesses that set goals and crushed them

*Started a project with a couple other boss babes to empower each other (more coming on this! If you are a small business owner and love seeing others succeed contact me!)

*Did some collaborating, and I LOVE it so I will defiantly be bringing that with me in 2020

*I have had at least 5 surgeries this year, pretty much lived at the doctor

*Found out how much happier I am avoiding the social media drama, and have been very selective on who is in my circle and what I share

*Cared less about what people say about me behind my back, because I am too busy supporting and lifting others up. Fix all those crowns ladies, don't let anyone bring you down

*Made more memories with my daughters, lived in the moment, been more present (this will be a continued goal) 

*Learned its okay to take a break, my mental health is important, and everyone needs a break and to have a mental reset. And its okay, it doesn't make me any less of a person

*Be around people that make me happy

*Realized how important self care is 

*Watch reality TV....because it makes me happy

*Read more, wrote more

*Purged a bunch of physical items that are not needed

With all the good there has been bad as well, but tonight I am deciding to focus on all the good.


2020~ I am forgetting resolutions and I am choosing to set intentions! 2020 bring on the good vibes, better experiences, more happiness, and making my life more meaningful than past years!

P.S. I had so much more planned for this blog, but my girls needed me :) 

Much peace & love to you all