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Prestige world tour

Hand Dye + Mineral Washed Tee 

💿✌🏻 Prestige World Tour ⚡️🌎

Short Sleeve, Bella. Unisex, TTS.

Any guesses on where the inspiration came from? *cough* There’s lots of room for activities. 🤣

Each tee will vary by its own uniqueness, no two are alike! The colors will vary between tees due to the dipping effects + the dye process from the manufacturer before we give them some TLC... colors range from grey, taupe, light tan, silver, cream & white but they are all gorgeous in their own way! 🤍 Absolutely in love with how the color in the graphic changes in each batch, too making them all unique!

🔥 Please allow 10-20 business days turnaround time on these for the extra processing time we incorporate by hand bleaching on each tee.