Black Friday Countdown

Ashley Scrivner

Hey everyone!! I can't believe that its almost Thanksgiving!!! With that being said Peace & Love Boutique's Black Friday Sale will start at 12 am on Friday. I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family! 

A couple things for this Black Friday Sale:

-Please make sure to read ALL product descriptions

-There will be limited quantities on certain items once they are gone they are gone

-Please make sure to leave accurate shipping information 

-Make sure you register as a customer on the website so you can receive rewards points and future communications regarding sales etc. 

-Please remember I am a one woman show I will respond to any questions you have as soon as I can. I plan on devoting Friday strictly for you guys! 

-Once the items leave my hands and are in the hands of the post office, I am no longer in charge of your package. I will try and help you locate your package the best I can, but you will have to deal with USPS. 

-Also please be kind to your USPS workers this is a heavy traffic time of the year, they are doing their best to get you your packages. So there could be some delays. 

-Once your item has shipped I will update the tracking number if requested

-Please remember to be kind. I am a very easy going person and I worked my fair share retail so I understand customer service and I do my best to keep all of my customers happy and loving their items




Small business Saturday November 30th- exclusive online deals

---Other small businesses around Central Illinois to make sure to check out include but are not limited to:

Peace & Love Boutique-

Peaces of You Photography-

Vera & Buck Floral Studio-

Coffee Corner- Clinton Illinois -

The yoga Space-

Body of Bloomington-


Cyber Monday December 2nd- exclusive online deals 

Christmas order deadline is December 4th for most items


Please feel free to reach out with any questions!!!!  


I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! 


Much Love