Being Intentional

Ashley Scrivner

So in a previous blog post I spoke about how I wasn't setting New Year resolutions. I was setting intentions. My personal take on intentions might be very different from others, but I thought I would share mine personal take. 

Being intentional with the way you live means that you are consciously living in every moment with a focused determination in the now. 

When I think intentions I think of a way to direct me to the path I should go. It gives me a strong foundation of the WHY. I want to always ask myself what is the reason behind every task. I want to anchor my mindset to it and visualize the feeling of accomplishment. Since this is my first year setting intentions instead of resolutions, here are ways I plan on living intentionally. 


Planning the day before
This is key for me 
I have learned that too many decisions are what makes my day bad. It saps out all of my energy and motivation way to early in the morning. For me to have a productive & intentional day I dump everything that fills my mind and schedule them accordingly the night before. And yes I know its only day January 8th. But those of you that know me personally know I like having an idea of how my day, week, month & year are going to look. This is what helps me stay semi sane. 
Start the day with a goal in mind
Personally nothing is more motivating than seeing my goals vividly in my mind. I look forward to that moment when I accomplish all the hurdles of the day, and let me tell you being a single mama to 3 girls with huge personalities, there are LOTS of hurdles. 
Setting my limits
Aside from giving my every task a specific time frame or deadline, being an intentional person has also allowed me to set limits. I am known to continue to take on more and more. This year I am setting limits. 
Choosing Reason over my Feelings
Oh emotions...... I will never get anything done if I always depend on my current emotions. Example... I am feeling anxious. Emotions can direct each and everyone of us to the inside dungeon of deception and hopelessness. Where the chance to win can be missed. I choose not to let it stir me, instead root me with reason. I am letting it anchor my focus, joy and actions. And caring less about others opinions and staying true to ME, MYSELF & I. I owe that to myself & my daughters. 
Self-Care Practices
I used to be one of those who didn't realize how important self-care really was!
Self care is more than just a routine, it is an intentional way of life. Many think that self-care should only be done when de-stressing, or that self-care is selfish. GUILTY right here! But self-care is important in my daily life. For my sanity. You have to intentionally fill yourself with nourishment. Rest and self-care are so important. More important than most think or even realize. When you take time to replenish your soul, it allows you to help others from the overflow. If your tank is on empty you cannot help yourself let alone anyone else. 
~~~Remember, always put your mind in the now & anchor your hearts to your goals~~~
Being intentional is not for everyone, and you know what that is okay! 
Love & Peace